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The best work of buyers on the designs of flowers FSL

The best work of buyers on the designs of flowers FSL

On this page I would like to show you the work of my customers, made according to the designs of flowers FSL. Flowers FSL – this is one of my favorite topics ). 

Free Standing Lace is a type of machine embroidery that produces a stand-alone design made entirely of thread. Your embroidery sewing machine uses a digitized file to render a beautiful free-standing piece of embroidery. With FSL, there is no base fabric onto which the pattern is stitched. Instead, a water soluble stabilizer is used as the base while sewing and is rinsed away when the embroidery is ready, leaving an exquisite patterned piece of lace. The finished work can be used to decorate a variety of items from throw pillows and tablecloths to bags and even clothing. Free Standing Lace can also be used to make jewelry and hair accessories.
Add soft, feminine charm to your outfits with free standing lace! A unique and versatile accessory, Flowers FSL will look stylish worn as a hair pin, brooch, or bag charm. You can also decorate your clothing with flowers FSL! Pin or sew onto your favourite jacket or jeans!
Use FLS to create elegant jewelry and accessories and to add finishing touches to handmade and upcycled clothing!

I think it turned out a beautiful flower garden ))

Please send photos of your works to And just write your opinion about the work in the comments, the authors will be pleased if you like their works.

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4 thoughts on “The best work of buyers on the designs of flowers FSL

  1. I like your bugs and flower on a leaf fsl, but I would like to know if you have a video tutorial because I’m learning, thanks

    1. Thank you! Designs have photo instructions. There are no video tools.

  2. The instructions that are with the FSL flowers are very limited. I understand how to embroider the pieces but there isn’t much information as to how many of each piece there are per flower or how to sew them together. More instruction would be helpful.
    Thank you

    1. You can watch the master class here:
      But there is always creativity in embroidery and flower making. A person can choose the number of layers. And also how to sew or glue the petals in the center. Everyone does it to their liking.

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