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How to. Plumeria FSL


This is a detailed instruction on how to make a wonderful tropical flower Plumeria!

1.Put a dense water-soluble stabilizer into the hoop (if your stabilizer is not dense enough, use two layers of stabilizer)

2.The lower thread should be of the same color as the upper one to get a beautiful embroidery result

3.Embroider the design

4.Remove the embroidery from the hoop, cut the excess stabilizer off, wash the stabilizer out

5.Dry and shape the petals (no need to make them very straight, it is better to form small curves, then you will get a more natural look after drying)

6.Sew the flower parts. Decorate the middles of the flowers with beads. Glue the lock to the brooch. And you need to make holes with an awl and attach the connector and the seams for the earrings.

Plumeria FSL Brooch and Earrings machine embroidery design

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