Custom order

You can make a custom order to create a unique design. I create a variety of styles and finishes including, FSL, Richelieu, photo stitch, cross stitch and more! I am always happy to create a custom pattern just for you, for both personal and commercial use. Commercial use patterns will always remain unique to your brand!
To order a machine embroidery design, you need to send it to my email Quality image, and write:

1. What size of the embroidery pattern do you want
2. The size of your embroidery frame and the format of your embroidery machine
3. On what fabric do you plan to embroider this design
4. Can I sell this design in the future or do you want it to be just for your use

What is the price for the creation of the design of machine embroidery
I calculate the cost of designing a machine embroidery project based on how much time it takes for me to develop it. And also whether this design will future to be sold in my store or you want to be its exclusive owner.

Why I do not calculate the cost of design based on the number of stitches in the design
For example, I’ll show two designs with approximately the same number of stitches:

The creation of one of them may take several minutes. And the creation of another a certain number of hours or days.