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How to make an Applique and FSL Hydrangea Flowers

How to make a Applique and FSL Hydrangea Flowers


Hello! This time I will show you how to embroider an Applique and FSL Hydrangea Flowers.  3D Hydrangea  is now a very fashionable and popular print among many world designers. This design is composed of three parts: you can embroider two flowers together and each flower separately. 

FSL is one of my favorite styles of embroidery, which is why I offer such a variety of my own original designs in my shop. I love using FSL to create fun and original accessories, like brooches, necklaces, and hair clips, to dress up my favorite outfits! Floral FSL pieces make wonderful gifts for friends and family who love to accessorize with style. You can also use FSL to create jewelry and customized clothing for yourself, your friends, or for sale!

To get a beautiful embroidery fabric should be well stabilized and fixed in the hoop.

1.Embroider individual flowers of hydrangea on organza. Use the lower thread of the same color as the upper thread. To get a good result, it is desirable to put a water-soluble stabilizer in the hoop with organza.

2. Cut flowers close to the contour line.

3. Embroider the first two colors of the design of the applique with the color of the thread close to the color of               the fabric. Circles will indicate the location of the further arrangement of flowers

4.  The next three colors are the applique of leaves:

4.1 A simple stitch that marks the location of the tissue for the applique. now you know where to put the fabric               for the appliqués. Place the cloth on the designated place, fix it with the help of a glue-spray.

If necessary, you can go back one step and repeat the first line of stitches again for fix the fabric.

4.2 The second line is zigzag. After it, you need to cut the tissue. Trim the fabric close to the zigzag line. So that the         appliqué then had a neat appearance.

4.3 And the third line, usually it is a satin stitch – it closes the cropped edges.

5.   All subsequent colors are the middle of the flowers. You need to embroider all the middle parts in the same              color. Different colors in the design are made for the embroidery machine to stop. In turn, apply the flowers to        the indicated places and holding them with your hand, embroider the middle.

    If this option seems difficult and not convenient, you can sew the flowers by hand. In the                    middle, you can use beads or beads.



Congratulations, your fashionable exclusive outfit is ready!

Applique 3D Flower Hydrangea Machine Embroidery Pattern

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  1. Very good explained i will do this in one of my upcoming projects

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