About Birochka Embroidery

In 2013, moved by an unquenchable desire to create, I bought my very own embroidery sewing machine. I spent the first 6 months pressing all the buttons, learning techniques, and diligently recreating designs by my favorite artists, but soon, the thrill of getting my stitches just right faded, and I longed to bring my own ideas to life and to learn more about this wonderful craft, so I enrolled myself in a local embroidery program. For 2 years I learned how to work with the Wilcom mapping software; I mastered Richelieu, freestanding lace, photo stitch, tatting, and much more, so I could create beautiful designs and share them with the world!

Made for pros and beginners alike, my original embroidery patterns are fun and easy to work with – just upload to your sewing machine and start decorating! Each pattern is professionally made using the Wilcom software, always with quality and style in mind. With my patterns, you can add flair to home textiles, update your wardrobe, and create beautiful accessories to reflect your individuality and style. For me, embroidery is more than just my favorite craft and hobby – embroidery is art, and I believe that art isn’t just for frames and walls, I believe that art can and should be in every aspect of our lives, making the everyday beautiful. With Birochka, I want to share the gift of art with you, so you can make your life more beautiful!