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The best works of my customers. Machine Embroidery Designs FSL bird brooch and a cage.

Hello! My dear customers, thank you very much for sending me a photo of your beautiful works done by my machine embroidery designs. I decided that your works deserves a separate rubric in my blog, so that we all can admire them.

Today I want to show you a number of works done on the design of machine embroidery:

FSL Bird Brooch and Embroidered Сage

Look, I think these works are very nice, these little birds will give you a spring mood. I’m very interested in where these birds flew.


Please send photos of your works to And just write your opinion about the work in the comments, the authors will be pleased if you like their works.

Machine Embroidery Design FSL Bird Brooch and Embroidered Сage here:

Machine embroidery design FSL Bird Brooch and Embroidered Сage

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