Machine Embroidery Design Heart of Puzzles



Machine Embroidery Design Heart of Puzzles Custom Apparel fashion Embroidery

Design size Heart: 143 Х 126 mm   (5,6×5,0 inches)
Number of colors: 4
Number of shifts thread: 4
Number of stitches: 33245
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp

Design size Puzzle:  38 Х 61 mm  (1,48×2,4 inches)
Number of colors: 1
Number of shifts thread: 1
Number of stitches: 3611
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp

Design size Puzzle FSL:  39 Х 62 mm   (1,54×2,45 inches)
Number of colors: 1
Number of shifts thread: 1
Number of stitches: 5398
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp

The heart should be embroidered on the fabric. It is required to use a stabilizer for the fabric. It is advisable to use a cloth with an even smooth surface. If your fabric has a small pile or not quite smooth surface, then it is necessary to use a water-soluble film from above, so that the seams lie well.

“The fallen puzzle” can be embroidered using one of two variants:

  1. embroider on fabric, as well as the heart (file name  IB165P)
  2. embroider as a single element FSL on the water-soluble stabilizer, wash the stabilizer, dry it and then pin it as a brooch  (file name  IB165PFSL)

You can also decorate this puzzle with sequins, beads, rhinestones according to your taste.You can use the Heart of puzzles and a fallen puzzle on one product. For example, embroider a separate puzzle above or below the heart. Or attach the FSL puzzle as a brooch, hang it on a chain … And also you can use these designs to create doubles products: hoodies for mom and baby, decorative cushions and other products of your choice.

Update your favorite textiles DIY style, with beautifully designed decorative embroidery! Embroidery is a fun way to add a touch of your personal style to clothing, accessories, and home décor pieces like throw pillows, blankets, tablecloths, and curtains. Give new life to well-loved wardrobe staples that might be showing signs of wear: just embroider elegant designs over any rip or tear to make them look even better than new!

I create a variety of styles and finishes including, FSL, Richelieu, photo stitch, and more! I am always happy to create a custom pattern just for you, for both personal and commercial use. Commercial use patterns will always remain unique to your brand!

Before you click send on that order, make sure that you selected the right dimensions for your sewing machine and project size!

You can use this design for embroidery items for personal use or sale , but do not have the right to resell or redistribute the design
We do not recommend resizing and editing of design.



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