Machine Embroidery Design FSL Necklace Bracelet Earrings Set



Machine Embroidery Design FSL Necklace Bracelet Earrings Set Tatting Fsl lace Embroidered Pattern

Design Size for hoop 4X4 inches
Number of colors: 3
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp.


The FSL  decoration must be embroidered on a dense water-soluble stabilizer.

If your water soluble stabilizer is not dense enough, use two layers of stabilizer.

After the products are embroidered, the water-soluble stabilizer should be washed.

If it is a brooch or other product that must be tough and keep in shape, do not wash away the highly water-soluble stabilizer.

The product must then be dried. Sometimes you can use an iron, you need to put under the product and top a terry towel and iron it.

Then, according to your taste, the product can be decorated with beads, sequins, paillettes. And add hardware.


You also  can make from the details of this design different decorations: necklaces, earrings, bracelet and other to your liking.

For connecting  individual elements, you must make small holes with an awl or a thick needle and use connectors for jewelry.

In order to connect the design elements between them, you must use connectors to make jewelry. Do the holes for the connectors by using an awl or needle.

Update your favorite textiles DIY style, with beautifully designed decorative embroidery! Embroidery is a fun way to add a touch of your personal style to clothing, accessories, and home décor pieces like throw pillows, blankets, tablecloths, and curtains. Give new life to well-loved wardrobe staples that might be showing signs of wear: just embroider elegant designs over any rip or tear to make them look even better than new!

I create a variety of styles and finishes including, FSL, Richelieu, photo stitch, and more! I am always happy to create a custom pattern just for you, for both personal and commercial use. Commercial use patterns will always remain unique to your brand!

Before you click send on that order, make sure that you selected the right dimensions for your sewing machine and project size!

You can use this design for embroidery items for personal use or sale , but do not have the right to resell or redistribute the design
We do not recommend resizing and editing of design.


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