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How to make a Hydrangea Flower with 3D elements

Hi everyone! Welcome to my third how-to embroidery tutorials!

Some of the most beautiful and fashionable designs for machine embroidery are flowers. Floral and Flower designs for machine embroidery and 3D flowers designs are most popular. Machine embroidery design Hydrangea flower with 3D elements – combines in itself and regular embroidery and embroidery 3D.

Today I will show you how to embroider a design of the Hydrangea  flower with 3D elements.


1. To get started, choose your colors! The instructions have a suggested color story you can use or you can pick any colors you like! To get a seamless result, make sure that the top and bottom thread matches in color.


2. Embroider individual flowers of hydrangea on organza. Use the lower thread of the same color as the upper thread. To get a good result, you can put a water-soluble stabilizer in the hoop with organza.


3. Cut flowers close to the contour line.

4. Three flowers without yellow centers will be used for the hydrangea branch. The fourth flower, you can use to sew it manually to an accessory to create a set.

5. Embroider the first 9 colors of hydrangea branches. Do not forget about the correct stabilization of the fabric. The fabric should be well stabilized and be dense in the embroidery frame.

6. The contour line will designate the places to which we alternately put down the flowers embroidered on the organza. Slightly holding, embroider the middle and at the same time the flowers are sewn to the fabric.


7.  You’re done! Enjoy your gorgeous creation!

If you’d like to see more of these tutorials, let me know in the comment section of this post! Submit any requests, so I can create tutorials that you want to see!

Hydrangea flower set machine embroidery design

3 thoughts on “How to make a Hydrangea Flower with 3D elements

  1. These are beautiful, but can they be done on clothing? How do they with stand the washer?

    1. Yes, of course it can be embroidered on clothes. On clothes often used 3D flowers. They need gentle washing.

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